About Us

Your neighbors to be?We love our home! We bought it in 2012 after living in the area for almost 10 years. We decided to get this particular two-apartment building to welcome our parents to San Francisco whenever they come for a visit. When neither set of parents are here, we suffer from radically less childcare and fewer home-cooked meals. To make us feel better, we rent the lower unit to relocating professionals and hope they will enjoy the apartment and make it their own while they find their bearing in San Francisco.

We love this dynamic neighborhood for its Latin culture and strong community atmosphere; the home has the elegance and charm we want for the family we hope to raise here. We want to continue to make a positive impact by improving the public school system and promoting local small businesses.

We met in Barcelona seven years ago and have since started a business together, gotten married, lived in separate continents, five different homes. We are actively engaged in local non-profits and are committed San Francisco and to making the community we live in better.

Ceylan grew up in Germany to Turkish parents. After living in some of the world’s most exciting cities (Berlin, Istanbul & Barcelona), she chose to move to San Francisco to be with the love of her life and develop roots in this amazing city. She loves organic foods and enjoys the outdoors. When she’s not bicycling around town and eating great food, she works as a marketing professional with a technology company in the Peninsula.

Ian grew up in Latin America and the Middle East. He moved to California over a decade ago as a young Marine Officer. He is a committed cyclist, outdoor enthusiast and is deeply involved in three local non-profits. He is an active member of the “Guardsmen,” a longtime San Francisco organization that sends over 3,000 at-risk bay area youth to summer wilderness programs, and sits on the board of the Marines Memorial Club and Grid Alternatives. In addition to directly supporting these organizations that help low-income homeowners, at risk Bay Area youth, and veterans struggling to reintegrate into society, Ian is an entrepreneur working on various projects at a time, and is currently launching a line of beauty products and exporting furniture to Africa!

We look forward to meeting you!

Warm regards,

Ceylan + Ian (and our parents John, Tica, Gülay + Taylan)



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